Bauplus d.o.o.

Bauplus d.o.o. was founded by graduated engineer Dušan Nikolić in 1989, in Belgrade, the then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The main idea was for the company to install and distribute a range of products from the production line of parent company Bauplus Morschwil from Switzerland, the name recognized and branded worldwide.  

Under that name, our company commenced placement and embedding of waterproofing systems in fields of building construction and engineering. One of the most important products was, and still is, thePenetrat (Bauplus Morschwil), a process of sealing against rising damp and moisture, successfully applied all over the world at the time.

 Beside Penetrat, the company also conducted installing products based on reinforced liquid plastics, manufactured by the Germany company Triflex. With such high-quality materials and small operational volume (two specialized insulation workers) the company started to develop itself by small degrees during the troubled period.

Today Bauplus d.o.o. is highly specialized in waterproofing systems and industrial flooring, has all the adequate mechanization, qualified staff, graduated construction engineers i and trained, certified craftsmen.

Since we have partners in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Serbia, we can offer high-quality, long-lasting, state-of-the-art systemic solutions for building construction and engineering (based on the know-how system)

Each new object is seen as an individual challenge by Bauplus d.o.o.. Many years of experience and a number of objects built on the territory of SFRY, SRY, Serbia and Montenegro and Serbia, as well as large number of objects built abroad – in Iraq, Africa, USSR, Czech Republic and many other countries, proves us as widely recognized and acknowledged in the domestic and foreign market. Our primary mission always was and still is – quality above all.

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