Industrial floors

Industry has demands for flooring systems of high levelness, mechanical operability, chemical resistance, and monolithic properties – jointless, watertight, non-slipping, in various colors, easy to maintain and repair.

Experience in working with flooring systems for food industry, in compliance with HACCP standard, or GMP and FDA standards, in pharmaceutical industry, special purpose objects, objects with high frequency of pedestrian and forklift traffic, defines Bauplus as your reliable partner.

In collaboration with our partners, manufacturers from Germany and Austria, using know-how concept, we are producing systemic solutions for your needs. Depending on the project task, we can offer the following flooring systems: PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin and acrylic resin. We also offer flooring systems based on cement additives with quartz, corundum or the combination of the two-based insoles – depending on the investor requests.






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