Modern construction trends have finally reached us. Using Laser Screed technology helps set new standards of concrete panels production in building industry in Serbia, standards already widely used all over the world. Modern machines that Bauplus uses comply to the most demanding quality standards, with daily production performance up to 1500 square meters, while maintaining two of the most important aspects: premium quality and speed. During the concrete mounting using Laser Screed, material is being leveled and compacted (vibrated) at the same time, which is a process that prevents forming air bubbles. Simultaneously, an automatic, laser control of "flatness" is performed, and leveling of installed concrete is being checked five times a second. In this way, mounting performance is significantly higher and more qualitative than traditional concreting.



Advantage of this flooring system against others is that ferro covering is also applied during the concrete mounting using Laser Screed technology. By merging these two processes, a better compactness between concrete and ferro covering is achieved, making the concrete panel itself reinforced. Finishing is done using rotation sanders until either black or balanced gloss is achieved, depending on desired effect. Two or three days later, unloading of processed concrete panel is done. Cutting is conducted with machines, in square rasters, at 1/3 of panel thickness, so as to prevent irregular cracks.

This concrete type features outstanding mechanical performance, it is easily maintained, and can be applied in either basic concrete/cement color (light gray) or some other color (dark gray, black, green, yellow, red and so on). From the aspect of investment, this kind of floor is the most cost-effective and longlasting.


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