Penetrat – skice

Penetrat – priprema, doziranje i primena

More than 35 years of QUALITY

Penetrat – concentrated sealing against rising damp and moisture (produced by Bauplus, Switzerland)

Penetrat is a process of sealing against rising damp. It is a solid sealing system successfully used in older and new construction for over 50 years.

Since this system is most usually applied from the inside, it largely reduces costs of removing plaster from brick walls, concrete and stone on the exterior.

When plaster is removed from bricks, concrete or stone, cleared surface is treated with three processes – with Penetrat-plaster, consisted of cement, quartz sand, Penetrat-concentrate and water.

Penetrat-plaster reacts to damp present in the wall, ingresses into the pores and capillaries, turns into gel form, crystallizes along with the water inside and closes the pores.

Contrary to the conventional sludge mortars, not only the layer adhering to the surface is created, but also is achieved sealing that penetrates the substrate.

The result of this is complete and constant effect, even when surfaces are mechanically treated.

 Possibilities for applying process of sealing against capillary moisture is present wherever damp and water must be prevented or repelled in repairs or new construction. This means that concrete and brick constructions of any kind, except for the cellular concrete blocks, can be sealed.

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