Cracks in the roofing membranes, weathered waterproofing of details or simply leaky old flat roofs: even if a roof only has a leak at one spot, it can no longer perform its function. Why make do with half measures? The liquidapplied waterproofing products from Triflex offer a high-quality alternative to conventional materials.
Triflex waterproofing systems fully bond to any and all forms. That is why solutions involving Triflex systems are used not only for area waterproofing, but are particularly effective for detailed or intricate roof structures like dome, butterfly, shed and high-point shell roofs.

Flat roofs and roof details

A waterproofing system must adapt to the conditions on the flat roof, offer maximum design flexibility and perform its function without compromise. To put it simply, the roof must be watertight. Only an intelligent roof system can meet these requirements.

Triflex ProTec

Triflex ProTect is a fully reinforced waterproofing system with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base with material properties which offer top performance. This means it can be used for roof waterproofing and a host of other aplications. The mechanically resistant and highly weather-resistant material can also be used underneath other coatings, for example: gravel, paving or grass. The extremely high hydrolysis resistance of Triflex ProTect means it can even be used in standing water applications, e.g., for ornamental fountains.

Triflex DS

Triflex DS is mainly used in refurbishment projects for good reason. What is needed for refurbishment projects is not a cheap fix, but a long-lasting reliable solution. The fully reinforced waterproofing system made from unsaturated polyester (UP) resin is vapour-permeable and, under certain conditions, can be applied without removing the old roof build up. Structural elements like expansion joints can be homogeneously integrated. With its high resilience and UV resistance, Triflex DS can compensate for horizontal and vertical movement.

Triflex ProThan

Triflex ProThan is a fully reinforced waterproofing system with a polyurethane (PUR) resin base. The system is used particularly in odour-sensitive areas. These include schools, hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly as well as buildings with a high volume of public traffic. Triflex ProThan is UV- and weather-resistant and does not need an additional protective coating.

Triflex ProThan Detail

Triflex ProThan Detail is a reinforced waterproofing system with a polyurethane (PUR) resin base, which is used for roof flashing and details. The waterproofing system is specially designed for odour-sensitive roof areas, such as ventilation shafts. In addition, Triflex ProThan Detail is the detail isolution in the Triflex ProThan surface system. The thixotropic material is designed so that it does not slide off vertical surfaces during application.

Triflex ProDetail

Triflex ProDetail is a fully reinforced detail system with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base and has many applications. As well as being a repair material, it is also used as a detail solution in the Triflex ProTect and Triflex DS roof systems. The waterproofing resin has technical properties which also make it suitable for use in Triflex systems on balconies and in car parks. Triflex ProDetail is also a proven performer in special applications, such as the preservation of monuments.

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